Get audio and video worship songs for children at modest rates

Every parent wishes that their child grows up as well being. For that, apart for education you need many more things like teaching them discipline, moral values and spirituality which comes only when you let them do some worshaip or praise God through prayer. Here, worshipping God doesn’t mean spending whole day in Church, but making them to watch videos or listening to worship songs also leads them to a considerable level of spirituality.

Aiming to achieve this goal, Praisecart brings you some of the world’s nicest and finest audio and video worship songs for kids especially. Praisecart is the leading Christian store in India having worship songs in both video and audio format.                         MY SPLIT - TRACK BIBLE SONGS

We also have fun with education movies. For children under 5 years, we have movies like Batter Chatter, Toby series, Awesome story time, Bug a Boo and Crazy Noise. All these movies are picturized for toddlers to get them the idea of worship and to introduce them with the generosity of Jesus. We have children Christian music like My split- Track Bible songs and God Bless which are made especially as bedtime songs for children under 5.

At the age of above 5 to 12, a child attains enough maturity to understand the importance of worship. For them, there are movies like Yeshu Masiha Ki Railgaadi, series of Great Adventures Bible stories and Torchlighters series. And for teenagers we have movies like The Treasure Map.

Feed my Lamb, REALLY WOOLLY LITTLE BOOK OF BIBLE VERSES [BOARD BOOK] and YESHU MERA CHARWAHA HAI (HINDI) are some of the best children Christian music collections you can get at Praisecart. All worship songs for kids are available at affordable rates.40 INSTANT STUDIES OLD TESTAMENT

We also have inspirational movies like As long as we breathe, the grace card, Baadshah, Bhaj Le and many more. We have movies in different regional languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and in national language Hindi.

The movies are also available in different formats like ACD, Compact Disc, DVD, MP3 and Video.

We also have vast category of hymes, gospels and audio sermons at reasonable costs.
Apart from worship audio and video songs, Praisecart also have vast range of bible and books related to Christian Living, devotional, relationship for men and women both and bible study. You will also find huge savings on some of our selected books.
Here also we have a separate section of books for children christian Music. The books are rich in moral values. Some of them are PULL OUT NOAH AND THE ANIMALS, BUGGY BIGBUCKS, PULL OUT DAVID AND GOLIATH.

We have a gifts and décor section which has authentic collection of greeting card, wall hanging, bookmark and décor items. Praisecart also has a wide variety of apparels for men, women and kids which includes t-shirts, caps, Kurtis, men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt.

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Go Digital And Buy All The Devotional Goods at One Place

Nowadays everyone is busy in living a jerk life where there is no space for recreation. People are so engaged in the hustle and bustle of life that even they couldn’t spare time for purchasing goods for their devotion.  Engrossing continuously in earning surely has its own benefits and loss.

We, at Praisecart understand your thirst of survival in this cut throat competition and respect the passion and progressive attitude.


Praisecart is a humble endeavor to honor Christianity. We bring you Online Christian Store which offers you stuffs like collection of bible, devotional music and large collection of books on relationships and devotion, home décor, movies and books for kids. So much to buy.

We have online bible store India where you can purchase books of bible like KJV Compact Ultrathin Bible, NIV BACKPACK BIBLE to name a few. Also you can purchase books for kids like TOBY CRUNCH TIME, BATTER CHATTER etc.

We also have huge collection of inspirational books, including Dayasagar, let god guide you daily and many more.

Praisecart online Christian Store provides you books in different categories like Theology, Biography, devotional, Relationship, Regional and many more to read. Movies, Gospel, gifts, décor, music and clothing range is also offered by Online Bible Store India.


We have large collection of music and video that includes audio Christian sermons and movies like Mercy Rule, The Grace Card and many more like this. Also we have the movies in different formats like CD, DVD. We have movies for children like my split-track Bible songs, Torchlighters- Amy Carmichael Story and many such.

We also deal in décor and gift items with vast range of clothes in men and women both category along with Audio Christian Sermons.

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Happy father’s day to all in advance. To all the dads, we are proud of you. For all the contribution and sacrifice you have made to make your children generous and responsible citizen. We as their beloved children can take the opportunity to wish them and make them feel special. We can buy them gifts and spend time with them on their day.

It is very important and tough task to select a gift for your dad. We understand your problem and thus bring for you a vast range of gifts, t-shirts, books, music and décor items to choose from. is India’s leading Christian store from where you can buy all the Christian goods.

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We offer you the lavish collection of religious books online. We have some of the finest books on Christianity and Bible like HOW TO WIN OVER WORRY, TEMPTED, TESTED, TRUE and BATTLE MEN FACE are some of the masterpiece to name for.

We also offer you the Christian Music cds and dvds. also brings to you inspirational and spiritual movies like EXPLORING EPHESUS – CITY OF APOSTLES, MAHIMA AUR PRASHANSA, CHAKH KE DEKHO and many such timeless classics.

Also we have variety of apparels for men and women both. We have caps and formal shirts for men and Kurtis for women. We have t-shirt for both men and women and on the occasion of father’s day we are offering them at 10% discount.

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Tips to Remember When Choosing Christian Books

Whether you are a seeker with doubts or a believer who needs to strengthen his religious experience, buying Christian books can be a right move. But how you do choose a good book? The volume of Christian books available in Christian Bible Book Store Online and offline is so overwhelming that you may find it hard to make a pick. If you have no idea about what to buy or where to begin with, then let us offer you some practical cues. Below listed are some easy tips that may guide you in choosing good Christian Books Store Online to add to your collection. Go ahead and take a look at the following points.

ANAND MANAAOMake internet your best friend and take advantage of search engines. All you have to do is search for the best Christian Books Store Online and you can view an overwhelming number of lists. You may even make the search more specific by looking for a specific category. For instance, you may look for the most popular books on theology, Christian missionary adventures, discipleship and so on. Added to that, browsing for book reviews is also helpful. Most of the online Christian bible book stores will have a detailed description and reviews provided along with the book. Praise Cart is the case in point. Reviews by readers, Christian authors and similar individuals may prove very helpful.

Seek suggestions from your peers. If you have any friends who love reading Christian books, then you may ask for recommendations. In most cases, they can recommend the materials that they have read and found amazing. You may also go through the online bible communities or forums to find some good recommendations.

Read the footnotes and bibliographies. If you have found a good book and enjoyed it much, then check whether the author has given any footnotes or recommendations. You may also search for the books by the same authors or publishers. It is quite likely that you might be attracted to the writing style of a specific author. In such situations, you may look inside the front cover or browse through internet to see the books by the same author.

Following the above tips may help you in choosing intelligent yet extremely readable resources for empowering your spiritual life.

Why Add Christian Biography Books to Your Reading List?

Are you an avid reader? Do you have an interest towards reading Christian biography books? Whether it is the lives of pastors, leaders of reformation or faithful believers, reading the story of another Christian’s life is always appealing and enlightening. Adding a few Christian biographies to your literary diet may prove beneficial. Wondering how it can leave an impact on your life? In this post, we list out a number of reasons for the immense worth of reading Christian biography.

You can find some encouraging information from biographies. A good Christian biography portrays the story of an individual and his connection with God. It would be encouraging for us to see that how God can love and guide an individual towards success. Sometimes, you may come across a biography which depicts some impossible situations where God intervenes for saving the individual and lift him to do amazing things in his strength.

You can develop a realistic approach by reading Christian Biography Books. Humans tend to believe a thing only when it happens in our real lives. Reading the real life stories of faithful Christians strengthens our belief and worship. When someone shares how he overcame the hardships of life by putting his complete faith in Jesus that would help us in developing an idealistic expectation of my life.

You may learn spirituality by reading the life of others. Spending some quality time on reading Christian biographies can provide you a better understanding about spirituality. As you get to discover the experiences, mistakes and successes of other Christians, it would be informative for building your own spiritual life.

You will get inspired by reading the Christian biographies. When you read about the saving work of God in the human soul, you will feel inspired to battle with the difficulties in life by believing in the power of Lord.

Above listed are only some of the many benefits you reap by reading Christian biographies. If you are looking for some good biography books, then our recommendations are Heroes of Faith- Billy Graham, Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman, Jonathan Edwards: A Life by George Marsden, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland Bainton and The Autobiography of George Muller.