Get audio and video worship songs for children at modest rates

Every parent wishes that their child grows up as well being. For that, apart for education you need many more things like teaching them discipline, moral values and spirituality which comes only when you let them do some worshaip or praise God through prayer. Here, worshipping God doesn’t mean spending whole day in Church, but making them to watch videos or listening to worship songs also leads them to a considerable level of spirituality.

Aiming to achieve this goal, Praisecart brings you some of the world’s nicest and finest audio and video worship songs for kids especially. Praisecart is the leading Christian store in India having worship songs in both video and audio format.                         MY SPLIT - TRACK BIBLE SONGS

We also have fun with education movies. For children under 5 years, we have movies like Batter Chatter, Toby series, Awesome story time, Bug a Boo and Crazy Noise. All these movies are picturized for toddlers to get them the idea of worship and to introduce them with the generosity of Jesus. We have children Christian music like My split- Track Bible songs and God Bless which are made especially as bedtime songs for children under 5.

At the age of above 5 to 12, a child attains enough maturity to understand the importance of worship. For them, there are movies like Yeshu Masiha Ki Railgaadi, series of Great Adventures Bible stories and Torchlighters series. And for teenagers we have movies like The Treasure Map.

Feed my Lamb, REALLY WOOLLY LITTLE BOOK OF BIBLE VERSES [BOARD BOOK] and YESHU MERA CHARWAHA HAI (HINDI) are some of the best children Christian music collections you can get at Praisecart. All worship songs for kids are available at affordable rates.40 INSTANT STUDIES OLD TESTAMENT

We also have inspirational movies like As long as we breathe, the grace card, Baadshah, Bhaj Le and many more. We have movies in different regional languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and in national language Hindi.

The movies are also available in different formats like ACD, Compact Disc, DVD, MP3 and Video.

We also have vast category of hymes, gospels and audio sermons at reasonable costs.
Apart from worship audio and video songs, Praisecart also have vast range of bible and books related to Christian Living, devotional, relationship for men and women both and bible study. You will also find huge savings on some of our selected books.
Here also we have a separate section of books for children christian Music. The books are rich in moral values. Some of them are PULL OUT NOAH AND THE ANIMALS, BUGGY BIGBUCKS, PULL OUT DAVID AND GOLIATH.

We have a gifts and décor section which has authentic collection of greeting card, wall hanging, bookmark and décor items. Praisecart also has a wide variety of apparels for men, women and kids which includes t-shirts, caps, Kurtis, men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt.

You can also visit our website, which is a megastore itself. For more information, you can also contact us.

So hurry and grab the best from Christian store online.


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